Jeep Love. We Know... It’s Deep.

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We know it’s hard to hand over your Jeep to someone else, even if it is for service and repairs, but rest assured, your baby is in loving hands. Our technicians love Jeeps too, so you know we’ll service your Jeep with care, professionalism, and only OEM parts. Our Jeep Repair Warranties last TWICE as long as a dealer’s. That means you get 24 months or 24,000 miles! (whichever comes first)

As members of the ‘Rough and Ready’ Jeep club, several of our family members have held the position of president. We are very familiar with these vehicles and their history. Jeep's heritage is rich and deep. From the very beginning, the Jeep has fulfilled its purpose with aplomb and proficiency.

At Jack Dane Auto Service, we are not only passionate about them, but are familiar with their nuances as well. Our team owns Jeeps, and have taken them through terrains, such as Rubicon and Surprise Canyon, in the Panamint Mountain range. With that said, we honor the Tread Lightly program and only take our vehicles where the appropriate laws and regulations allow.

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